Top 9 Fashion Rules for Summer


Summer is just around the corner. Start preparing right now to be ready with the right fashion choices when you step out. To ensure that you’re making the right choices, here are nine rules by which you should abide. But, obviously, interpret them in your own unique way.

Beat the Heat with Natural Fibers

Choose lighter fabrics like cotton, rayon, and linen because when you’re out in the sun, you want whatever you’re wearing to breathe.

Pick Loose, Flowy Styles

Be a little fashion-forward and try a body-skimming ruffled top. Top it with a blazer or a cute cardigan, and you could even wear it to work.

White Sneakers

Clean white sneakers are a great look for this summer. The best part is that they go with everything from jeans to minis to your sundress. You’ll look super cute and be super comfortable at the same time.

Pick Shorts

Summer is a great time for shorts. Pick a pair that fits well and flatters you at the same time. You’ll feel amazing too. If you’re going for cutoff denims, make sure that they’re the right length and that the cut works for you.

Summer Sandals

If there were ever a perfect time for a new pair of sandals, it would be summer. Choose slide sandals for their flip-flop-like comfort and ease. Pick a pair in a bold color that adds a lot of style to your summer outfit.

Dress-Up Denims

Pair distressed denims with something dressy for a very fashionable high-low look. Choose a flirty top with your jeans or cutoffs along with a cute clutch and a pair of bright slide sandals or those white sneakers we spoke about.

Bare Your Shoulders

Choosing a strappy dress is a lovely way to stay stylish and cool without showing off too much skin. Pair the dress with block heel sandals and stride out in style.

New Hues

Go all-in for a fresh summer look with punchy colors like coral, blue or yellow. Pair these bright colors with neutrals that you’re comfortable with already. New hues for a new you.

Explore Prints and Patterns

Show up to the next summer event with an in-your-face floral print or a bold geometric pattern.

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