A Sedan Or SUV- Which Is A Better Car?


Choosing the right car ultimately depends on what you want from it, power or comfort? Here are some advantages and disadvantages of sedans and SUVs, that could help you select the right one for you:



  • Comfort: When compared to an SUV, a sedan gives you a more cozy drive. Whether it is on terrible streets or highways, in a good sedan, you won’t experience any inconvenience. 
  • City driving: Driving around the city in a sedan is simpler compared to an SUV. Navigation is hassle-free because it gives you heaps of room to turn the vehicle; and its luxurious interiors also add to the comfort. 
  • Mileage: The mileage of a sedan is better than that of an SUV. A sedan offers you a petroleum variant (which a vast majority of SUVs don’t). 
  • Performance: The overall structure of a car affects its overall performance. A majority of the sedans do 0-100 out of 10 seconds. 
  • Most recent innovation: The amount you decide to invest in a sedan has an impact on what it delivers. Most of the sedans feature the most recent equipment and utilize the latest technology.
  • Financial limit: Sedans are usually more affordable than SUVs, and this is one of the many aspects that makes it most favorable for a majority of the buyers. 


  • They lack a sporty look.
  • They have lower space and are not as swanky as SUVs.
  • They aren’t the best for towing or pulling.
  • They aren’t ideal for rough terrain driving due to their low ground clearance.
  • They offer drivers less visibility due to their lower seating position.



  • Quality: SUVs don’t compromise in terms of quality, and are, thus, extremely reliable.
  • Space: An SUV allows for more seating capacity, thereby giving you more comfort. It allows for enough space to move around and gives ample headroom and boot space. 
  • Off-roading: Its expansive tires, rough terrain abilities, and high ground leeway help in driving on harsh roads. It also allows for higher ground clearance.
  • Look: If you want a car that looks awesome, pick an SUV. The cool and sporty look of an SUV is one of the many factors that attract shoppers.
  • Muscle: Its shape tends to naturally alarm other vehicles on the road, and since it’s bigger, it makes the driver look more powerful. 


  • They offer lower mileage.
  • Due to its long turning sweep, it could cause parking problems and other traffic issues.
  • They are more expensive when compared to sedans.

4 Factors To Consider When Choosing The Best Car For You

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