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How to Save Money With Your High-Speed ISP


For many people, internet service is a significant monthly expense. Depending on the location, a  user can pay as much as $100 or more per month. Furthermore, users are disappointed with their internet service. While not much can be done to fix the system itself, there are several ways to reduce your monthly internet bill. Here’s a list of things you can do to bring your internet bill down to (or at least close to) a reasonable rate.

Apply for Subsidies

Numerous nonprofits, Internet Service Providers (ISPs), as well as the U.S. Government, offer subsidies to help low-income customers pay for internet service. EveryoneOn, Comcast Internet Essentials, Spectrum Internet Assist, Lifeline, and AT&T Access are some companies you can consider. These organizations offer great discounts and sign-up deals that include free internet service to low-income households. Check if you qualify for any subsidies offered by such companies by visiting their website.

Get a Better Deal from Your ISP

If you do not qualify for any subsidies, you can negotiate with your Internet service provider to get a better deal. The key is to do enough market research to back up your bargain. Check what kind of deals and promotions other companies are offering and use that information to get the deal you want. ISPs hate losing customers. If you threaten to switch, there are chances your ISP may be willing to lower your monthly bill.   

Beware of Upselling

When negotiating with your ISP, they might try to upsell you a package with extra services. This way you might end up paying more than what you were spending earlier on your internet service. It is important to know which services you really require and refuse to pay for anything extra. A few simple things you can do to reduce the cost of your plan are checking how much internet speed you require, buying your own modem or hardware to avoid renting cost, and deciding if you need a bundled or unbundled package depending on your internet usage.

Change Your Provider

If your ISP refuses to reduce your bill despite using all the bargaining methods you can think of, be prepared to switch to another provider. Check and compare services offered by different companies in your area. Don’t just look at big, popular companies, sometimes small companies offer great deals and are worth considering too. Small companies that may not offer cheap deals might still offer better value like higher speed and better customer service compared to big competitors.   

Consider Cell Phone Plans

If you connect to the internet through your phone or tablet, it is worth considering a mobile-only internet plan. You can find several cheap cell phone plan options that offer adequate data to meet your internet requirements. The upside of switching to a cell phone plan is you can turn your phone into a WiFi hotspot that allows you to connect your laptop or tablet to the internet. The downside is that you can’t connect multiple devices as it may consume a lot of your data and battery life. If you want to connect multiple devices, investing in a separate mobile hotspot is another option.

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