Men’s Fashion: A Guide to Dressing Well


The basics of dressing well haven’t changed over the years. Men should always choose something that fits well, is of high quality, versatile, offers good value, is not extreme, and is sober. If you want to get a little more specific, here’s a useful guide.

A Suit that Fits

If you’re buying a pre-stitched suit, check how it fits across your shoulders because altering the chest and waist is easy. Classic single-breasted, two-button, moderately detailed dark suits are best. But the most important thing is how you wear it.

Invest in A Watch

A watch is a very personal object. While a good one is like a piece of art, it also needs to be practical. Choose an aesthetic, functional, and rugged sports model because they go with everything and can take a few knocks. It should also fit your wrist well and be comfortable.

Try Colors

Once in a while, indulge in colors that aren’t navy or grey. Try a rakish green or even pinks, mustard, brighter shades of blue because they’re versatile all-year colors. But don’t go overboard.

Wear in Jeans

Stay away from that pre-distressed denim. The best and most useful cut for jeans is slim-tapered because they’re wide at the thighs for comfort and narrow at the bottom. They work with sneakers or smart shoes all-year-round. Choose dark, raw denim and enjoy as it ages with the way you wear it.

Look After Your Clothes

If you’ve invested well in your clothes, look after them. Use wooden hangers for shirts and polish for shoes, get your suit dry-cleaned and pressed, wash your clothes regularly, and don’t tumble dry clothes. Set a grooming regime for yourself too.

Use Simple Innerwear

Stay away from novelty prints and underwear that’s heavily branded as it lacks sophistication. The best option is the classic cotton boxer short as it takes repeated washing, breathes well, and feels comfortable against the skin.

Spend on Shoes

A pair of good quality shoes should last 15 years or more. Choose fuss-free classic styles like brogues, loafers, or plan, dark five-eyelet Derby on a round toe. Ignore those ridiculously pointy or square toes because your feet don’t look like that, and they’re impractical.

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