Hate Working from Home? Here’s how To Make It Better


For many employees, working from home is like a double-edged sword. While you enjoy the lack of commute and enormous flexibility, there can be endless distractions and a lack of motivation. All this is a surefire recipe for burnout. What’s more, with the current grim situation, it doesn’t seem like many of us are heading to work any time soon.

If you’re finding it difficult to work from home and are beginning to hate your job, identify the reason why WFH is not working for you. Then, try to tackle the issue with a more personalized approach.

Maintain a Routine

Instead of focusing on what’s missing in your daily schedule, try to fill it in with other activities. Do you miss your daily visit to your favorite coffee shop? Wake up early and make a cup for yourself. Miss the venting sessions with your colleagues? Then, take a walk or get on a virtual break in the middle of the day. The key is to set your own schedule and make necessary changes to get through the day without causing burnout.

Create a Dedicated Office Space

With the absence of an actual work environment, it can be really tough to get into work mode. Creating a dedicated office area, where you don’t eat, sleep, or watch TV, will subconsciously make you feel like you’re in a more professional space. If you don’t have the essential office supplies to stay productive, don’t be shy to reach out to your manager.   

Follow a Strict Schedule

Despite having enough time on hand if you tend to miss deadlines, in order to stay productive, set a strict daily schedule. Designating set times to your schedule for each task will help you stay focused and productive all day long.

Set up A Virtual Gathering

Working from home can cause a feeling of loneliness. If you’re craving social interaction, set up weekly virtual gatherings, where you can have conversations that are not entirely focused on work. Of course, you can have your venting sessions too, but ensure the chat doesn’t become too negative.  

Be Proactive

Having spent months without a real facetime conversation with your boss can make you feel like your career is becoming stagnant. Instead of feeling like you’re stuck in a rut, use remote working to your advantage by requesting your boss to let you join meetings and projects you wouldn’t normally be a part of.

Take Breaks

When working remotely, you don’t need to mimic the 9-5 workday. Wisely use the flexibility of time available to you. Switch off from work more in between your day when you feel overworked. Taking breaks can help you be more creative and work better. Add breaks into your schedule and engage in activities that help you relax your brain. 

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