The 5 Best Sales Management Systems to Help Your Team Sell Smarter


In order to successfully meet or exceed sales goals, a company requires an effective sales management system. You can use a sales management system or CRM to promote teamwork, automate workflow, reduce admin tasks, and exceed your sales targets. While goals differ among organizations, a sales management system can help you focus on profits, growth, and augmented sales volume. To make your selection easier, let’s take a look at the five best CRM platforms.


This is an easy and powerful CRM software that is perfect for your outbound, inbound, or relationship-based sales team or any other B2B sales force. Nutshell provides free live customer support, sales analysis reporting, and unlimited contact records and data storage. The sales management system provides all the tools that your sales team requires, without the need for costly add-ons or upgrades. Nutshell’s Starter and Pro options are both offered at no-contract pricing.


This platform offers much more than what you could possibly need. With its 360° customer view, you can keep track of all sales conversations, including calls, emails, deals, etc., directly on the platform. Additionally, it offers in-depth sales reports and advanced data tracking that provides all the data you require to achieve your sales goals. Its automated scheduling service helps you stay on top of important follow-up communications essential to build and maintain your customer relationships. Freshsales offers a 21-day free trial to help you decide if the software is a good fit for your team.


HubSpot offerings include a sales hub that automates tasks, a marketing hub that drives traffic, and a service hub that allows you to connect with customers. It’s a heavy software and designed for large corporations. However, small businesses can take advantage of HubSpot’s free CRM and time-saving tools. Although the CRM is free of cost, you can add the wholesales, marketing, and service suite for a monthly fee.


Teamgate is a great software for small businesses who are just starting out or sales teams who have minimal experience using a CRM. This easy-to-use CRM offers three versions – Beginner, Intermediate, and Expert. The system can be incorporated with other workplace apps, such as Google, Outlook, Slack, and more. With this software, you can always stay updated with data-driven insights and real-time sales tracking. You can also request a demo version before committing to buy the software.


This software helps you store and navigate all your sales data in one place. You can monitor the performance of employees, assign tasks, and track customer communication easily with Insightly. The platform is useful for reporting, email campaigns, marketing management, and many other tasks. Expert guidance is provided by Insightly to help you make the most of the platform. 

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