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EXPLAINED: All You Need to Know About 5G


Ever wondered what is so fascinating about 5G and why people are so excited about it? In this article, we will break down why the next generation of wireless technology is more than just a boost in speed. 

What is 5G?

5G is called the next generation of cellular technology. It promises to enhance the speed, coverage, and responsiveness of wireless networks. How fast are we really talking? Carriers like AT&T and Verizon have shown speeds surging past 1 gigabit per second. That is almost 10 to 100 times quicker than a regular cellular connection and even faster than anything you can get with a physical fiber-optic cable. 

Is It Just About Speed?

No! Not at all. In fact, one of the benefits of 5G is something called low latency. You will hear this term a lot. Latency is the response time between clicking on a link and having the request sent up to the network, and when the network responds, giving you the website or playing your video. This lag time can last around 20 milliseconds with your current networks. It does not seem like much, but with 5G, this time gets reduced to as little as 1 millisecond. This kind of responsiveness is especially important when playing an intense video game in virtual reality or for a surgeon to control a pair of robotic arms performing a procedure in San Francisco. 5G will also help eliminate lags in Zoom calls which leads to people talking over each other. 

Are There Other Benefits?

Yes, the 5G network is designed to connect more devices than a traditional cellular network does. 5G will even be able to power multiple devices around you, whether it is a dog collar or a refrigerator. In addition, the 5G network is also built to handle gear used by businesses, like farm equipment or ATMs, and can adjust for differing needs. An example of this would be, sensors used to power farming equipment that does not need a constant connection. Such kinds of low-power scanners are made to work on the same battery for 10 years and still be able to periodically send data.

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