Work from Home without Losing Your Mind with These Tips


Even if you’ve been working from home for about a year now, it can still be scary and strange sometimes. It’s easy to fall into a routine where you’re working in the same clothes you woke up wearing. But it’s not healthy. Here are a few ways to keep yourself sane while working from home.

Exercise During the Commute Time

Remember when you’d travel from home to work? Use that time to workout at home. There are plenty of online fitness classes you can join, and they’re reasonably priced too. If it’s safe, you could even get out for a run. Even if you squeeze in 20 minutes at the start of your day for some moderate-intensity exercise, it’ll do wonders for your physical and mental health.

Shower and Change

Sounds obvious, but because you’re not stepping out or meeting anyone, it’s surprisingly easy to become a slob. It’s also easier to jump straight into work than to hop in the shower for a few minutes. There’s no need to dress formally, but just showering and changing into fresh clothes will help.

Catch Podcasts

We’re used to having the sounds of other people in the background when we’re at work. That’s not happening at home. So, put some podcasts on your loudspeaker. You’ll feel less alone and get some interesting information along the way.

Make Time for Friends

For people that loved recharging their batteries in the company of colleagues and friends, the isolation hit hard. One way around that is to join your office’s virtual Zoom happy hours or schedule calls with old friends and family. Stay connected with your tribe, and it’ll boost your mood.

Log Out

When you’re at home, there’s nothing stopping you from doomscrolling through your preferred social media. But, here’s a little tip. Log out so that when you open the app, you see a log-in screen instead of endless content. It’ll remind you that you’re supposed to be working and save you a surprising number of hours.

Take a Lunch Break

Take an hour for lunch every day. Prepare a proper meal and savor it. It’ll refresh you and keep you from snacking randomly.

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