Buying Travel Insurance? Check This Out


Travel insurance is a smart way to cover any unexpected events that may affect your travel plans. If the trip you’re planning is to a different country or is expensive, travel insurance is a good way to protect yourself from incurring a loss. Here’s how you can choose the right travel insurance plan.


Where you’re going makes a difference in how much coverage you will need. The important thing is to buy the coverage you need for this particular trip and not add options that aren’t useful in this context. So, if you’re traveling with kids, add more medical benefits to your travel insurance plan. If your itinerary is exhaustive and takes you through multiple countries, and has several travel connections, you need more comprehensive coverage. Because one missed connection could have a domino effect on the rest of your trip. And what if you injure yourself and need to rest? For a trip like this, choose an insurance plan that covers baggage, missed connections, cancellation, prepaid trip expenses, and travel medical insurance.

Credit Card Coverage

Check if your credit card covers travel insurance-like things, e.g., lost luggage or trip delay reimbursement. Some offer trip cancellation and trip interruption insurance up to $10,000 per person and $20,000 per trip for prepaid non-refundable expenses. If your trip gets cut short because of anything that’s covered under the policy, you will be reimbursed.

Don’t Assume

Travel insurance doesn’t cover all activities. They often exclude any high-risk things like motorcycle racing, rock climbing, or bungee jumping. If you’ll be indulging in any extreme activities, then ensure that you choose a policy that covers adventure travel.

Another important thing to check is whether your policy covers pandemics. Pandemics are usually considered a foreseeable event, so if one interrupts your trip, you won’t be reimbursed. But, some policies do cover any medical expenses and trip cancellation due to COVID-19.

Cancel for Any Reason Coverage

If you’re worried about any problem that may affect your trip or even are afraid to travel when the date arrives, think about getting “cancel for any reason” travel insurance. This coverage reimburses any non-refundable, prepaid portion of your trip if you cancel for any reason.

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