Handbags that All Women Must Own


If there’s a universal truth, it’s that you can never have too many handbags. If anyone says otherwise, they’re wrong. But, it’s important that you invest in different types of handbags so that you always have the right one for any occasion. Of course, you can always buy them in different colors and styles to match your clothes or the occasion.

Shoulder Bag

This everyday bag is the most functional of all women’s handbags. They’re big and fit all your necessities and anything that you may pick up when you’re out and about. Now every brand has its own variants, and how many of those you get is totally up to you.


The perfect handbag for the working woman. This is an excellent everyday handbag and a good laptop bag. It means you don’t have to carry two bags because it fits all your basics and your gadgets. Invest in a good quality sturdy bag because they’ll last longer.

Sling Bag

This cross-body bag is stylish, comfortable, and functional. Carry it when you’re shopping, running errands, or traveling. It’s perfect in case you’re with your kids because it keeps your hands free. They also come in many sizes.

Quilted Bags

These are iconic. And there are so many chic branded ones that have been on women’s wishlists forever. Some of the best brands like Chanel, Prada, and Hermes have excellent quilted bag options. So you can get at least one that’s iconic and timeless while being extremely classy. Consider this an investment that will add to your style statement for years.


A day clutch is a simple, classy, elegant, and sophisticated option for an occasion where a big bag would be a hindrance. It’s the perfect accessory when you’re all dressed up for an event. You’ll only have to work out what not to carry. Some brands, however, have clutch bags with compartments, so you can fit a little more in them.


This is essentially a clutch bag. But it’s encrusted with colored stones, gems, pearls, and other shiny and sparkly things that scream grandeur. Keep these for really special events like cocktail parties, weddings, or special evening parties that require you to dress up extravagantly.

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