Buying Health Insurance: How to Choose the Right Plan


Interested in buying health insurance but unsure where to begin? Here are some points to consider:

  • How often do you (or your dependents) need medical care?
  • Do you have any surgeries planned?
  • Do you have a doctor you regularly see?
  • Are you taking any medication prescribed by a doctor?

The amount of health insurance coverage you need depends on your individual needs. When comparing plans, these five checkpoints are a good place to start.


The initial amount paid by you before your health plan covers costs for medical services.

If you anticipate having a lot of medical care expenses, including surgery, you may want to opt for a plan with a lower deductible. However, it’s important to know that plans with a lower deductible generally have a higher monthly premium.


Comprises the hospitals, health care providers, and labs that your insurance provider has negotiated with to provide health care services at lower rates.

Determine if your doctors – both primary care and specialists – are participating providers before you sign up for a plan to avoid extra costs.

PPO versus HMO

HMO members can only consult a health care specialist if they get a referral from their Primary Care Physician. PPO members are not restricted from receiving care in-network.

Health Maintenance Organization Plans offer affordability, while Preferred Provider Organization Plans offer greater flexibility and convenience.


Medications prescribed by your doctor. Before signing the dotted line, review a plan to understand if and how your prescription drugs are covered. Copays or coinsurance for prescriptions covered may differ from plan to plan.

Value-Added Benefits

Additional features provided by the plan benefits like 24/7 customer service or discount programs may not be a deal clincher, but it’s worth knowing if you have access to them.

Take the time to learn more about services like health information helplines that may come at no additional cost and help you manage your health better.

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