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Maximize Your Area with These Interior Design Tips


Designing a small space is very interesting. It is a challenge to ensure that everything you need will fit in it. We want to help make this challenge a little easier. Here are some tips that will help.

Get a Smaller Dining Table

Small round tables make a lot of sense for small areas as compared to giant rectangular tables.

Use Resources Wisely

When you have limited space, use the resources you have instead of buying new pieces. Use a chair as your nightstand, and install wall sconces instead of lights that use floor space. Add a cheerful color to the mix to brighten the mood of the room.

Install Pocket Doors

Pocket doors slide into walls when they’re not needed and take up much lesser space than regular swinging doors. If you get doors with glass windows, they’ll allow light to pass through while still acting as separators.

Get a Day Bed

A day bed instead of a regular bed will make the bedroom feel much larger. In case you don’t have a guest room, you could use a day bed in your living room.

Wall-Mount Your TV

Media consoles take up a lot of unnecessary space. Instead of using up precious living room space, mount your TV over your fireplace or on a wall. You’ll free up a lot of space.

Multiple Jobs

Get furniture pieces that do more than one job. Use a table that works as a dining table and desk. Choose a sofa that can also double as a guest bed. Find cubes that can also double up as coffee tables and bonus seats. Bonus if any of these items also have storage spaces.

Add Mirrors

One of the oldest tricks in interior design is to use mirrors to make small spaces feel larger, lighter, and airier. You could also use fun convex-shaped mirrors that are fun and add personality while taking up very little space.

Maximize Functionality

Find furniture that can maximize functionality. Get a desk with a small side chair instead of an end bench. That was you have something that can be used for work, getting ready, and whatever else you need.

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